ASAP Pathway LIVE 2022: Practical Pediatric Airway and Sleep

What you weren’t taught but SHOULD know to give your practice an EDGE in  Pediatric Airway and Sleep!

Implementing the clinical aspects of pediatric airway and sleep can be a little difficult.  We SEE the signs and symptoms in kids:  mouthbreathing, bags under the eyes, changes to the ideal craniofacial growth pattern, asthma, ADHD, and tongue ties!  Explaining this to the parent and then having them on-board for treatment is critical!

We SORTA know what needs to be done.  


    Give more room for the tongue….

          Allow better range of motion so that the tongue can function properly….

                Because, Function is KING… we add Myofunctional therapy in order to 

                    better tone the muscles, allowing for better function and thus…GROWTH

But what if what you’re doing isn’t working as well as you thought? 

Did you miss something

      Maybe the child can’t breathe through the nose and despite what you do the maxilla, 

      Your patient is STILL a mouth-breather?


       How did the growth get derailed so badly in the first place, and what should we do 

       about it?   You’ve made a treatment plan, but your patient is dynamic - children are 

       always growing.  Despite your best efforts, sometimes, you still see their bites 

       canted or their jaws develop asymmetry.  


       (Hint: RARELY will it be painful in a child)

        You’ve opened up the maxilla via expanders and yet, the tongue function is not 

        there.  You are seeing relapse in that the maxilla and the arch  isn’t as wide as it    

        used to be.  

        WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT A TONGUE TIE? Is there even one???

Let your practice STAND OUT by looking at all the OTHER STUFF that could get in the way of your final treatment outcome if you fail to consider them early on in the planning phase of the treatment.   

And speaking of STANDING OUT, if your practice can’t communicate this connection and the need for DENTAL intervention, then you’re dead in the water!  The parents must know and understand these connections and they MUST believe that your office is the best office to get this kind of treatment.
    So how do you POSITION your practice and what do you do for MARKETING?


“ASAP is the first comprehensive course that gives you all the tools along with the proper paperwork needed. If you want a well organized program to learn how to evaluate, screen, treatment plan and how to work with your medical community this is really the only program of its kind.”

Ally Drew, DDS

If you’ve asked yourself some or all of the questions above… You’re not alone!

While ASAP Pathway provides the key knowledge base in order to understand pediatric airway and sleep, and apply it to your practice, we now KNOW that there is SO MUCH MORE to pediatric airway than we initially thought.  

“Kids have one chance to grow up with an optimal physiologic airway and breathing pattern. Dental teams are the best health care providers to identify and treat children at risk. Up to now, getting everyone trained to make a difference for these kids has been difficult. I think the ASAP Pathway is a terrific way for dental teams to create a culture of health for the little ones that will pay off for lifetimes.”

Steve Carstensen, DDS, FAGD

We not only have to be experts in pediatric sleep medicine and the orthopedic or orthodontic techniques we need to manage it.   We also have to know what role the  NOSE, TMJ, and TETHERED ORAL TISSUES have in airway issues, how to spot them, and how to manage them. 

Why is this OTHER STUFF important?

It helps the kids with the treatment/management that you are doing.

But also, talking about the nose, TMJ, and tethered tissues and helping to manage them is something not EVERY dental office can do right away..  This gives your office a competitive edge and something that may be used to help get everage for your practice in any economic climate.

Join us on Dec 8-10 as we explore 3 WHOLE days of LIVE presentation.


  • You usually don’t tend to get distracted or sleepy and not pay attention, unlike recorded material.
  • To be in one place with like-minded dentists that are also in their own journey and who do not hesitate to share knowledge and information.
  • It’s FUN!! To be around people who have the same mind-set and who are continually trying to fnd better ways to help the kids in their practice. 

We’ll work on and discuss the following:  

  • Dr Michelle Weddle - The Chairside TMJ Evaluation.
  • Dr Stacy Ochoa - Understanding the Nose and its role in airway and sleep.
  • Dr Tracey Nguyen - How to Market an Airway Practice.
  • Dr Tracy Tran - Developmental Milestones and Tying it All Together: A Developmental Approach to Treating Oral Restrictions from 0-3 yrs old.

PLUS:  Business round tables and finding your dental office’s UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION so that you can position yourself as THE expert in your area.

And many more!

As you can see, we have mixed some clinical skills as well as business skills.  We know that you need both in order to succeed.

Learn how to evaluate a TMJ to know whether it will impact your treatment.

Know how to evaluate the NOSE, and know  what else needs to be done if the child’s evaluation.

Plus, learn how to evaluate your bottomline and all the other business considerations of running a successful program in pediatric and sleep dentistry in your practice!

On Day 2 - Learn practical marketing from Tracey Nguyen - the social media QUEEN in dentistry… and then learn the business and some clinical info on tethered oral tissues by Tracy Tran. 

Don’t miss this chance because there’s only LIMITED seats!

Only 30 practices will get this information and will get the business development skills in order to have a better 2023.   Spaces are filling out fast!

See you in December….at the AC Hotel Austin Hill Country, 7415 Southwest Pkwy Building 8, Austin, TX 78735, on December 8-10, 2022.

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See you at the meeting…..LIVE!!!

Tracey Stacy and Michelle


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