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MSE 2024 Part 1 & Part 2: Add Skeletal Expansion To Your Toolbox Non-Members

Course Overview:

Join us for an incredible learning experience. Discover the keys to achieving predictable and successful outcomes with MSE/MARPE skeletal expansion and TADs.  

This will be a technique protocol course with case Presentations Over Zoom.

PART I: Foundation and Basic Techniques

Part I of this course reviews the basics of this technique.  All providers can benefit from this because this is the foundation that will help to make the application of this technique predictable in practice. 

This course will present basic orthodontic diagnosis and simplified and practical approach to planning an orthodontic case. We will discuss necessary records and how to approach each case. While we review some basic knowledge, we will primarily focus on cases that would benefit from the use of MSE and/or TADs. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Case selection: Learn diagnostic and treatment planning modifications depending on your patient presentation: Male, female, age and craniofacial structure. 
  • Invisalign Clincheck: Discover how to plan and set up Invisalign Clinchecks for the best possible outcomes.
  • MSE and TADs Planning: Focus on cases that benefit from MSE and TADs, and explore their planning and implementation while utilizing CBCT and other existing 3D software/technology. Lab orders, proper placement procedures and protocols will be reviewed
  • Complications and Failures: Identify most common complications and cause for failures and what can be done from the planning stage in order to prevent such outcomes.
  • Clinical Case Reviews: Analyze clinical cases where MSE and TADs were employed successfully at the end of the second day.

Hands-on Patient Care:  Participate in hands-on exercises, including MSE placement on models and observation of live patient demonstration of the placement of basic MSE. Participants will be able to see everything up close and understand the flow of the procedure.

PART II: Advanced Techniques for Practitioners

Part II caters to practitioners looking to enhance their expertise. It’s for those who have placed MSE/TADs already and are looking for more advanced information or for dentists wanting to learn more information before starting their first case. Participants will learn advanced orthodontic diagnosis and clinical applications of MSE and TADs. 

Attendees should possess some basic knowledge of orthodontics. The more cases a provider has performed, the more they would benefit from this advanced technique course.  

Topics covered include:

  • Advanced Orthodontic Diagnosis: We will go onto advanced orthodontic diagnosis and clinical applications of MSE/MARPE and TADs
  • Invisalign Clinchecks for Complex Cases: Dive deeper into the details and nuances of how to set up more complex cases using Invisalign clinchecks.
  • Digital Planning of MSE: Discussion of digital planning of MSE and how to customize it for more difficult adult cases.
  • Expansion Complications and Failures: Explore strategies to predictably avoid expansion failures.
  • Piezotomy for Adult Patients: Introduce Piezotomy for use in adult patients, to make adult cases predictable with a focus on safety and efficacy. We will review failures, possible side effects, emergencies, protocols and related procedures. 
  • Hands-On Piezotomy: Experience hands-on training in Piezotomy using 3D printed models. It will be followed by live piezo assisted MARPE placement in the adult patient. Participants will be able to follow all the procedures closely. 

A general practitioner should be able to plan a case and identify which cases could benefit from Piezo, customized MARPE, and other treatment modifications.


Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry (MCCD)Training Center

49 Ridgedale Avenue

East Hanover, NJ 07936